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grazie le stelle dell'ecommerce

ProfumomaniaForever among the stars of e-commerce

It's 500 Italian ecommerce excellence. The mono and multi-brand sites, marketplaces and large international chains, the small and medium-sized shops that, in an unprecedented year for numbers and users of digital commerce, they have earned the best reputation and have brought home the best results.
It was created by L’Economia con Statista, international research and analysis company that through the data and business intelligence portal ( with over two million registered users, provides statistics (over a million already published), market studies and consumer surveys relevant to companies. Divided into eight sectors, it is a useful map to understand what Italians have bought and what Italians will buy in the coming months, on well-known sites, warmly, or maybe even little known.

The methodology

Starting from a list of over 7.000 online stores, Statista has selected through a pre-screening phase the online shops with the highest traffic and the characteristics necessary to pass the evaluation phase (site in Italian, ecommerce B2C, sale of physical goods). They thus had access to the "second phase" 1.500 sites then tested on the basis of six criteria (structure and ease of use, safety, payment, purchase and delivery, customer service and communication, technical performance) on specific characteristics and objective criteria of the shop, from the payment methods provided to the presence of relevant information for the consumer or the contact possibilities for customer service. In parallel, an online survey was conducted, where three thousand consumers have evaluated the user experience of online stores. Finally, Statista aggregated the results of the technical test and those of the survey and assigned a final score to each site. The final ranking is made up of 500 e-commerce stores with the best score, classified into eight product categories which are in turn divided into 33 total subcategories.


The stars of e.commerce Health and beauty:

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