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  1. I'm allergic. What should I avoid perfumes? Those alcohol-based, the major allergen. But there are other 26 types of allergens recognized by the European Commission and the Law on cosmetics. If you are not sure, spraying perfume on a cotton ball, Dry it and stick it in the bra.
  2. In what points should be sprayed perfume? In venous points, where there is more blood flow: in the hollow of arms and knees, the earlobes (not behind: Fat is a point that holds the aromas) and at the base of the neck.
  3. The right way to apply it? In the morning, after showering, spraying perfume 20 centimeters from the skin. Over the area is large, most will feel. Other make-up: orients the jet from the bottom upwards, so exploit every drop of essence.
  4. How often you need to reapply? At most a day. But it depends on your skin type: of the fat the scent lasts more, but on the dry “vanishes” before.
  5. When, instead, We should not use it? Under the sun, because alcohol and some essences are photosensitive and can react with UV rays, causing redness and dermatitis. Better to use the new alcohol-free perfumes created to be vaporized at the beach.
  6. The difference between perfume ed Cologne? The perfume He has concentrated essences doses (also 15-25 percent) and alcohol. L’perfume and l’Cologne, instead, also contain water. The light is the most’fresh water, with only 3 percent of essence.
  7. Can I dilute too strong fragrance? Yup. You can add a prepared mixture with 9 parts of alcohol and a distilled water
  8. It is true that today all the scents are chemical? It is most. They contain synthetic molecules that reconstruct the natural essences.
  9. Those natural degrade before? No. The natural aromas only have a softer shade of chemical ones, defined cold.
  10. Can I spray the toilet water on the hair? Better not. It contains alcohol that can affect the protective film of the stems and irritate the scalp. Today there are specific fragrances, produced by many maison, that with silicones protect hair from dehydration.
  11. The perfumed shower gel irritates the skin? No. Just mix water jet that fills the bathtub. It can be irritating if you pour it directly on the skin.
  12. The scents expire? In principle, no, but they are altered when exposed to light and heat. Keep them in the dark (preferably in their box) and away from radiators.
  13. How do you know if the fragrance is altered? You can tell if the color is changed or if the initial notes (head) no longer feel.
  14. The scent can be customized? Yup, There are essence producers can play a scent no longer available on the market.
  15. When is it better than the solid version? The solid texture securing the notes on the skin with more intensity. Comfortable to keep in your purse, exist in declination alcohol-free, perfect when you are exposed to the sun or to be applied, in small amounts, even on the hair.
  16. The scented air freshener is dangerous per axillary glands? It is not the essences create risks as aluminum salts, suspected carcinogens.
  17. What characterizes an aroma as a sensual? Those are warm, sensual oriental: spicy or made from amber and musk, which represents the wild and instinctive side. The fresh and energizing fragrances are green, with aromatic notes.
  18. Is there really an aphrodisiac scent? No. But a fragrance in tune with your personality can make you feel sexy and safe.
  19. A fragrance can be different depending on the wearer? Yup. It can be influenced by age, food, sebum and sweat, acidity and body heat. Each skin, then, reacts in a personal way to essential oils and aromas. For this, before you buy a perfume, it is best to test it on the skin.
  20. My perfume does not seem the same again ... Hormonal changes affect the sense of smell, evolving as the taste: It happens to not love the food and the same happens with the scents.
  21. There is a difference between the spray perfumes and not? Yup. vaporized, each flavor gets stronger. For this pure extracts are rarely found in spray.
  22. You can make the lingering scent? In addition to using the more strong concentration, or the perfume, you can match it to the body lotion with the same fragrance. It is also helpful to keep your skin well hydrated, because the perfume evaporates more quickly when it is dry.
  23. Because my preferred not to feel mostly? The body and the brain tend to become accustomed to a certain aroma. Per “hear it again” intensely, you have to alternate it to a different scent. And if you love to hear him, spruzzalo in the hollow between her breasts.
  24. The right time to try a new one? In the morning, when you are relaxed and not of race. And when the sense of smell is more developed.
  25. When I smell new fragrances in the store, after a while’ I get confused, I can not decide. To not send your nose into a tailspin, you have to allow time to give off aromas of maximum. And do not try more than three fragrances at a time.
  26. Can I spray my perfume in the house? Yup. Vaporizzalo versane on the pillow or a few drops in a washing machine, water rinse
  27. The fragrance contains more alcohol? Often, because the fragrant essential oils without alcohol do not spread and are less perceived.
  28. What scented water? A fragrance with little essence and a lot of alcohol.
  29. What is the difference between woody and spicy? The woods (vetiver, patchouli, sandal) are tones of men's fragrances that enhance the female ones. The spices are used in the kitchen.
  30. Why they are often used citrus fruits? They are energizing notes, perfect in summer, when you do sports or to charge energy.
  31. You can spray the perfume on clothes? No. All concentrations contain alcohol, It can spot if sprayed directly.
  32. It is true that on the plane the scent lasts less? Yup. The altitude, on the plane and in the mountains, It reduces the persistence. Usane a more concentrated version.
  33. The cigarette smoke alters the flavor? Yup. Nicotine interferes with the body's chemistry, so the scent tends to feel less. And if you smoke, then, your sense of smell is reduced.
  34. Because on me the scent evaporates quickly? It may depend on skin acidity, altered by the wrong foods or medications, but as the eau de toilette, rather than 3-4 hours lasts only an hour. To improve sealing, before applying an emollient cream.
  35. I like to use the scent of my boyfriend ... You can choose a unisex fragrance. They often contain patchouli and amber, woodwind, Leather and citrus. What is love to you both to him.
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