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Italian Perfumery
Berti Square, 48026 Russians (OUT)

The Perfumery Profumomania Forever is the new perfume on- line that comes at you, selective, modern, designed to give all the answers to the new demands of consumers.
A lot of clarity to the consumer!
All the products on display have a label with the indicated net prices, already discounted! They are the most advantageous market for the consumer to appreciate the competitiveness

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All our products are original to 100% , buying in our Profumomania Perfume Forever online , you'll get your perfume at home exactly identical to those sold in the normal perfume, in their original packaging. The reason why the price of the perfume is so superior to what we are able to offer us in our Perfumery ” PROFUMOMANIA FOREVER ” ,differently from the traditional perfumeries owners who find themselves obliged to deal with very high fixed costs in order to maintain their local, often located in the elegant streets of the cities and the cost of staff, so we avoid selling online only so many of these fixed costs in order to offer competitive prices for the benefit of the consumer.

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